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The Management Methods of Jesus (Part 2)

In Bob Briner’s book, The Management Methods of Jesus, there are several methods that we learn from Jesus as He managed those who were considered minorities, marginalized and many others seeking miracles among the masses. In part 2 of this series of articles, I am sharing 12 additional management methods from the life of Jesus that are explained in detail in Bob Briner’s book. These are methods that we can also adapt and apply within our own context to manage ourselves and others in our areas of influence. Since Jesus chose 12 disciples to mentor and manage, I am choosing to disclose 12 methods at a time in each article for us to consider and incorporate into our management styles:

  1. Field-Test Our Staff. (They still have lessons to learn and growing to do, and field experience away from the “home office,” is of tremendous value.)

  2. Practice Good Public Relations. (We need to tell our story.  Our company needs to tell its story and the story of its products and services. We need to do this well.)

  3. Get Good Logistical Support. (Make sure we are as free as possible to do the things only we can do -- the things we were hired to do and the things upon which we will be evaluated.)

  4. Learn a Little Humility. (Don’t fall into the trap of arrogance. Not only is it unseemly; it is bad business.)

  5. Share the Glory. (Praise those who work for us, and do so publicly.)

  6. Say, “Thanks.” (In business, really in all of life, it is impossible to say, “thank you” too many times.)

  7. Stay in Touch with Real People. (Corporate managers need to be sure they don’t lose touch with real people leading real lives.)

  8. Be Responsive. (Jesus never put anyone on hold.)

  9. Don’t Neglect Public Speaking. (Too many executives fail to use the platforms their positions give them both to inspire and to inform.)

  10. Cut Your Losses. (Don’t let pride or stubbornness keep us in a market in which we don’t belong, or with a product that is not going to make it, or in a business alliance that is not going to work out.)

  11. Learn How to Rebuke with Compassion. (Rebukes are reserved for those we care about and respect most.)

  12. Beware of Sycophants or “Yes-Men.” (We need to be the kind of leader who appreciates and rewards those who will tell us the truth, no matter how distasteful that truth might be. A sycophant is defined as a servile self-seeking flatterer, i.e. a bootlicker, brown-noser or flunky.)

(This is part 2 of a series of blogs related to “The Management Methods of Jesus,” the title of the book written by Bob Briner. Please be sure to read the entire book as well as this series of blogs. Afterwards, consider how your management methods can be tweaked as we strive to follow the example of Jesus, our Master Teacher and Leader.)

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