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Areas of Expertise

Discover the core areas of expertise that define Dr. Natalie A. Francisco's impactful ministry and mentorship. With over three decades of experience, Dr. Natalie has dedicated her life to empowering women and nurturing growth in faith and life. Explore the five pillars that form the foundation of her work.

Spiritual Leadership and Ministry

 Dr. Natalie has extensive experience in leading and developing pastors, churches, and ministries, both locally and internationally.


Women's Empowerment and Mentorship

She is dedicated to empowering women through her books, conferences, seminars, and mentoring sessions, focusing on biblical truths and practical life lessons.


Christian Education

 With a strong background in Christian education, Dr. Natalie has co-founded an academy and a Bible college, and she holds advanced degrees in this field.


Parenting and Family Dynamics

She has authored books and conducted workshops on parenting and partnering with purpose, aiming to strengthen family relationships and values.


Holistic Health and Well-being

Dr. Natalie advocates for holistic health, encompassing physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental wellness, as demonstrated in her writings and teachings.

Get in Touch

Schedule your free 30 minute consultation with Dr. Natalie or send us a message to see how we might be of service to you or your organization. 

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