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How to Lead Effectively as a Woman in a Man’s World and Workplace

Women have been leading effectively in various capacities throughout the ages and in every race, ethnicity and place, even when their contributions and accomplishments were unnoticed, unrecognized and unappreciated because of the patriarchal and cultural ethos of the times in which they lived. Women have been leading ladies in the home and in their communities, often serving as mentors and mothers of many for millenniums. Then and now, women have been responsible for birthing babies as well as businesses. But how can women lead effectively in even greater ways in a proverbial man’s world and workplace in the 21st century and beyond?

Here are 5 ways to lead effectively as a woman in the midst of a workplace with a majority of men:

  1. Realize that women are fundamentally different from men. Generally speaking, women are more relationally-oriented, thus emotions may be (though sometimes inappropriately) interjected in relationships with those who work closest to or with them. Women desire peace and an atmosphere of completion so that their gifts and talents complement those of others and vice versa, whereas men are seemingly more goal-oriented and competitive, and sometimes socially inept because their eyes are often on the prize that is to be won (the end result) rather than the perceptions and feelings of all the players and how the game should be played.

  2. Always act in a professional manner. Women are assets to any workplace whether they serve as employers or employees of an organization. As such, women should receive equal pay for equal work commensurate with the standard of excellence and expertise that they deserve. Women should also be treated fairly, regardless of their gender, race, ethnicity, religious belief or political persuasion. Despite what others may think, say and do, acting professionally will promote an environment of peace and provide a sense of self-fulfillment and accomplishment.

  3. Document instances of personal concern in the workplace. Unfortunately, sexual harassment, gender and age bias, and systemic racism exist in institutional, entrepreneurial and religious sectors. Therefore, it is important to document and report details of any uncomfortable, questionable or inappropriate incidents when or shortly after they occur so that these occurrences can be addressed within the scope of the organization’s policies, processes and procedures (i.e., forms to be completed, chain of command and process for handling complaints and arbitration so that you can protect your rights as an employer/employee).

  4. Apply for available promotions in your workplace. Are you interested in leading effectively in a greater capacity as a woman within your organization? If so, check with your department supervisor or human resources director to see if there is a job description or any supporting documentation listing the qualifications of the person who could fill an opening for a new position or promotion. Make an assessment of your personal strengths, people skills, level of education and experience related to the position or promotion you desire. How do you compare with what is listed in the job description for the new position or promotion? Devise a plan to acquire the necessary qualifications needed to emphasize how much of an asset you are and will be.

  5. Employ the core attributes of a W.O.M.A.N. destined to lead effectively in your workplace: Work Ethic (Be willingly to do more than is required or expected by coming to work early and staying a little later, assisting your supervisor in making your particular department the most productive in the entire workplace so that it stands out even to the supervisor’s supervisor, and finishing all assigned tasks or projects by or before the established deadline.); Optimistic Attitude (Encourage and promote a cheerful work environment, offer creative ideas to the supervisor as solutions to department challenges, and always wear a smile as one of your best assets.); Man’s Mentality (Meditate on your goal with the mental acumen, intuition and initiative to excel, but like a man, do not let your emotions get in the way of the job you are paid to do, nor take personally what others say and do.); Administrative Ability (Show that you have executive ability, educational qualifications, experience and expertise, organizational skills, business savvy, excellent correspondence skills, and current technological skills.); and Necessary People Skills (Never forget The Four C’s of Effective Communication: Conversational Skills, Conflict Resolution, Care, and Concern.)

Dr. Natalie’s BIO

As an educator as well as a world traveler, musician, tastemaker, and a phenomenal motivator, Dr. Natalie A. Francisco has always aimed to either be excellent at what she chooses to do, or not do it at all. She feels called to inspire and liberate women, emphasizing their importance and role in society as individuals, and not just as partners or spouses. Dr. Natalie has devoted her life to her family and ministry, and is also leaving an indelible mark through her published works. To learn more about Dr. Natalie Francisco, please visit her personal website at and follow her on FB, IG, X (formerly known as Twitter) and Linked In.

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