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Nurturing Wisdom, Worship, and Worth.

Online Coaching with Dr. Natalie

Meet Dr. Natalie

Mentor to Women, Speaker, Author & Consultant

Dr. Natalie A. Francisco is a seasoned pastor, author, and mentor with over 35 years of experience in ministry. She serves as the Oversight and Worship Pastor at Calvary Community Church (C3 Hampton) in Hampton, VA. Alongside her husband, Bishop L.W. Francisco III, she provides spiritual leadership and development for pastors and ministries across the U.S. and in South Africa. Dr. Natalie has authored four books focused on women's empowerment, parenting, and holistic health. She is the founder of Women of Worth and Worship, LLC, where she offers mentoring and consulting services. With degrees in Christian Education and a Doctorate from Carolina University of Theology, Dr. Natalie's greatest joys are serving God, spending time with family and friends, and practicing self-care.


Areas of Expertise

Women's Empowerment

Parenting and Family Dynamics

Spiritual Leadership and Ministry 

Holistic Health and Well-Being

Christian Education

Embrace Your Worth, Nurture Your Faith, Transform Your Life. Begin Your Journey with Dr. Natalie.

Pastor Nat challenges and makes room for women of God. She provides a forum for women of all kinds - those who write, practice medicine, law or business, or are consultants. Dr. Francisco believes and acts as if God has placed in each of His women a valuable and precious treasure.

- Dr. Angela Spranger

Director, Center for Inclusive Excellence

University of Minnesota

Not only do I call her a dear friend but truly a woman of God and unpretentious worshipper. With no airs or facades she is a wonderful mentor for those who want to be their authentic selves, transparent before God and others as they pursue God's best for their lives. There is no doubt about it; you are in for a transforming experience!

- Michelle McKinney Hammond

Bestselling Author, International Speaker, Life Coach & Relationship Expert

Every generation or so, God literally bursts into our consciousness through a human vessel whom he has anointed and infused with such a passion for ministry that it ignites the flames of purpose within all of us... Enter Dr. Natalie A. Francisco. Conspicuously anointed, unashamedly holy, undeniably gifted is this woman of God.

- Pastor Connie "CJ" Jackson

Pastor-Teacher, St. John Northwest Church

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